Quick And Easy: VPN

VPN (or Virtual Private Network) solutions seem dime a dozen thees days, but the truth is it’s all about trust. Who do you trust to keep your traffic safe without re-selling your browsing habits to advertisers and to keep your valued banking/credit card information safe, while surfing public wifi.


The truth is, not everyone needs one, however many people need one and aren’t aware. Using the internet while on insecure public, or even ISP wifi when traveling about, leaves your computer/phone vulnerable to snooping. People can possibly see your credit card numbers when you buy something online, or the username/password to your online banking profile.

If you are at home, or even on your phone’s cellular network, your ISP may be tracking your browsing habits, and selling this data to advertisers. Most users don’t even realize their ISP is doing this, because they don’t bother reading every “blurb” in their Internet Service Provider’s “TOS” or “Terms of Service”.

And let’s not forget Net Neutrality. With network neutraility laying on the cutting room floor in Washington, DC a VPN allows you to bypass all the content restriction and censorship being purportated by large corporations.


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VPN Endpoints

Different Countries

  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Miami, US
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Toronto, CA
  • Los Angeles, US
  • St Petersburg, RU
  • Palermo, IT
  • Seville, ES
  • Chicago, US
  • Dallas, US
  • Sofia, BG
  • Hong Kong, HK
  • Helsinki, FI
  • Sydney, AU
  • Thessaloniki, GR
  • Ljubljana, SI
  • Dublin, IE
  • Tel Aviv, IL
  • Manila, PH
  • Bursa, TR
  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Seattle, US
  • Montreal, CA
  • Prague, CZ
  • Buffalo, US
  • Jakarta, ID
  • Carrollton, US
  • London, GB
  • New York City, US
  • Paris, FR
  • Zurich, CH
  • Jakarta 2, ID
  • Singapore 2, SG
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Singapore, SG
  • Vancouver, CA
  • Sao Paulo, BR
  • Moscow, RU
  • Jakarta 5, ID
  • Tokyo 2, JP
  • Stockholm, SE
  • Dusseldorf, DE
  • Johannesburg 2, ZA
  • Johannesburg, ZA
  • London 2, GB
  • Kiev, UA
  • Warsaw, PL
  • Mumbai, IN
  • London 3, GB
  • Barcelona, ES
  • Brussels, BE
  • Bangkok, TH
  • Dubai, UAE

And Growing!

We are consistently growing our network of VPN endpoints to meet the needs of our users. If you have a need for a certain location, let us know and we will work hard to service your request.

Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Mobile Clients

Android Client Available, iOS Client Coming Soon

Desktop Clients

Windows and MacOS Clients. Linux Client Coming Soon

Secure Open Technology

Built on a Solid OpenVPN Base, we offer OpenVPN, TTPT, and L2TP/IPSec secure connections.

No Censorship

We don’t censor anything. Go anywhere you want.

No Traffic Logs

We don’t track where you go, or what you do, so we can’t sell this info to advertisers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We offer unlimited bandiwidth via 1Gbps connections. 

Why Choose QnEZ?

Quick And Easy is our name and our motto. We intend to be a painless “Quick and Easy” style service that you can “set and forget” and just know it’s doing it’s job. And because we don’t log anything, not even how much you use of the service, everything is unlimited and we will never know what you are doing.

Built to Last

Continued Growth, Performance, and Optimization

32 Locations, in 25 Countries

Location, Location, Location. We have got you covered! If you would like a location closer to you, let us know! We will do our best to promptly serve your needs!

Security Through Transparency

Built upon heavily scrutinized, audited and patched “OpenVPN” base with Cross-Platform VPN clients that make this an ideal solution for individuals, and businesses looking to secure their networks. 

We Don't Log

Because we don’t log anything you do (other than track how many times you are signed in at once), we don’t know what you are doing, or how much you are sending recieving. As such, there are no limits on anything.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support

Have an issue? Give a call, or submit a ticket! We will be there to help with all your needs. 

3 Days of Free VPN

Not sure how it will work for you? Feel like testing the water? QnEZ Servers offers a free 3 day (72 hour) Trial account for all new users.