We didn’t start a business.

We started a friendship, and shared a dream.

The QnEZ you know today, wasn’t started as a business. It was started as a friendship, and a common goal/shared dream. A dream to provide a single website to the masses, to build a community that would grow and thrive and become more than we ever thought.

As that community grew, and that website thrived we learned a lot of “tricks of the trade”, and acquired a lot of infrastructure, and services that aren’t normally needed for small websites, but become more and more important once your “hobby” website starts to near “enterprise-scale”.

So we pooled our expertise, and we pooled our money, and we decided to build a real business.

Our business uses the tricks of the trade we learned by growing our own site from something of microscopic size and scale, to an enterprise class offering that spans multiple servers, with redundancy. 

We’ve learned how to build and configure blazing fast database servers and clusters, and why Percona out performs stock MySQL.

We’ve learned how to cluster front-end PHP processing using FastCGI, how to cache the data using Memcached, and how to speed things up even faster by caching the render using Varnish.

It doesn’t matter if  you are looking for Apache, Lighttpd, Litespeed or ngnix. QnEZ is the shop for you. 

Hosting, VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Servers,  we can handle it all. Just drop us a line, and we’re here to help your site grow to the full extent of it’s potential.

Don’t let a bad host be the reason your idea fails to meet your vision.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is quite simple. To help others achive the same level of success we have, and make their transitions through the cyberlandscape Quick and Easy, and as uncomplicated as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is enterprise scale, and enterprise performance at a budget even the smallest startup can afford.